Paragon Fabrication | Kid's Space | Bloom Church

Branson, MO

Bloom Church Kid's Space

Paragon Fabrication teams up with nPrint Graphix to create an incredibly immersive experience for the kids at Bloom Church.


  • Scenic Elements
  • Staging
  • Fabrication


  • Branson, MO

Designed with Needs in Mind

nPrint Graphix needed to turn their graphic work for Bloom Church in Branson, Missouri, into a three-dimensional world. They turned to Paragon Fabrication and Paragon 360 to get the job done. The project’s main focus was to create scenic elements that appeal to children and create clear signage for guests and members alike. By creating an engaging and easy-to-navigate space, parents and children will feel comfortable returning to Bloom Church time and again.

By focusing on making this an incredible space for children, we could strategically design the areas with this goal in mind. One of the first ways we accomplished this goal was by creating custom scenic elements that would add color and life to the space. nPrint Graphix partnered with our fabrication team to bring their concept for the graphics and designs to life.

Custom Designs, Created in Collaboration

nPrint Graphix had an exciting vision for the children's space that included a rocket ship, fuel tank, and a custom media cart. The Paragon Fabrication team constructed the elements that could bring nPrint's vinyl graphics to life. We installed custom effects, like a fog machine inside the rocket ship to make it look like it was taking off, and LED lighting underneath handrails in the hallway to create a dramatic entrance into the room.

Our artistic fabricators applied a faux-aged finish to the fuel tank and piping, leaving no detail overlooked. Both the fuel tank and rocket ship hide speakers for the stage. Our team specifically designed them to maximize the functional space and create a more immersive experience. nPrint also designed custom signage, wraps for the welcome and check-in desks, and custom flooring for Bloom to compliment these scenic features.

Low-Profile, High-Quality

We discovered that Bloom Kid's Church also needed a stage for children's events and performances with a corresponding sound system. Given the limited available space, we wanted to create something low-profile and easy to move. Our modular stage provided the perfect solution. This staging product is affordable and portable, allowing Bloom extreme flexibility for use. The stage gives the space the freedom to change and accommodate many different events and services.

Paragon Fabrication made the surrounds for the monitors, adding to the immersive space theme. A custom-built cart houses all of the AV controls. The hidden speakers plus the multi-use AV cart allow the Bloom Kid's team to run their events without distracting the children from the experience in the room.

Designed In-House, Installed On-Site

Paragon's signature design-build approach allowed us to complete this project in record time. To minimize service interruptions and decrease installation time, we design and construct all project elements in-house. After construction is complete, we can transport the pieces to the site and install everything in minimal time. We worked with nPrint and other trades to minimize the impact to the ministry.

Our client's needs are always our priority, and the need to create an environment more inviting for children was our central focus throughout this project. The finished installation resulted from close collaboration between Paragon Fabrication and nPrint Graphix, skilled design and fabrication teams, and dedicated installers – all to help further the mission of Bloom Kid's Church.