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Comprehensive design-build-assembly solution

Your Vision Without Sacrifice

We're changing how interior spaces come together.

Paragon Fabrication is a complete turn-key, commercial design partner delivering from concept, to design, fabrication and installation with one contractor instead of ten. We take the difficult out of the equation. As an architect, you can build a white box and Paragon Fabrication can build interior elements offsite and install them at once, greatly reducing the onsite build out time and delivering a more cost-effective solution with 100% accountability. From restaurants to retail and from entertainment facilities to themed attractions…we offer creativity at the next level!

Your Vision Delivered

We Build Spaces Differently

Our teams turn commercial design visions into reality for architects, designers and business owners nationwide through a proven single-source accountability model.

"It's easy to look at something on paper. But, bring it to life? Paragon was able to do that for us. This facility is one of a kind."


When you need creative answers, we bring custom solutions.

At Paragon Fabrication, we design, build and install fully custom products for a wide range of clients across many different market sectors. We bring life to kids' spaces, create the perfect acoustics for a restaurant and design unique, functional lobby spaces. We build custom themed environments for the entertainment and attraction world. We specialize in interior illuminated wall treatments, architect hero pieces, acoustical ceiling elements, display pieces, kiosks, reception desks and much more. Through unparalleled customer satisfaction and an award-winning team, we bring value to vision.