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Desert of Maine

Paragon Fabrication creates themed scenic elements for national tourist attraction


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  • Freeport, ME


The Desert of Maine is an exciting, kid-friendly tourist destination in Freeport, Maine. The location provides a number of interesting activities for the whole family, including hiking trails, playgrounds, excavation sites, and a brand-new mini golf course. While creating their course, the Desert of Maine felt they wanted to add special elements for their newest attraction.

They reached out to the Paragon Fabrication team with several big ideas, including a colorful camel, a hermit, a massive golf ball, and a 30-foot humpback whale skeleton for their excavation experience.

The team used various design tactics, extensive planning, and 3D modeling animations to execute the client’s vision.

"I think it looks better than what I even designed, which is a testament to the job."


One of the most intricate requests from Desert of Maine was to construct a 30-foot humpback whale skeleton that had multiple requirements:

  • Must be to the scale of real humpback whales
  • Ability to be disassembled and stored
  • Ability to be excavated repeatedly through sand
  • Must be partially in the ground

To create the whale that Desert of Maine was looking for, the team took a multi-step process that included molding, sculpting, and reinforcement with fiberglass to ensure the durability and structural integrity of the whale.

Take a look at the slider below to see the process from fabrication to installation.


Another request from Desert of Maine was to craft custom sculptures that matched artwork used throughout the park. After iterating on the concept art and developing 3D models, the characters were sliced into cross sections in preparation for fabrication. Each design was sculpted out of high-density foam and supported with aluminum armatures. All three statues sit at various parts of the mini golf course. “Sandy,” the camel, resides atop a rock overlooking golfers, while “The Hermit” and a larger-than-life golf ball serve as branded photo ops.

"[Paragon Fabrication] did such an incredible job. Thank you for putting so much craftsmanship into this project."


Desert of Maine had another vision for their mini golf experience – a large sand bottle that would be layered with real sand art. Using weight and volume estimates, the Paragon Fabrication team created a container that fit the vision while also supporting the weight of the sand.


The Desert of Maine is a destination that provides a sense of adventure for the whole family. Along with their endless activities, the location also holds an appreciation for both the natural beauty of the park and the rich history it spawns from. Originally, the location was simply a farm beside the great sand dunes. As the natural phenomenon grew more popular, the Desert of Maine developed into a substantial tourist attraction. The destination has since grown dramatically, turning into the amazing park we know today.

Paragon Fabrication is honored to have had the opportunity to contribute to the park’s rich history and build upon its aesthetic beauty.