Paragon Fabrication | Paragon Project - Evangel University

Springfield, MO

Evangel University

Paragon revitalizes Evangel's student union and makes updates to Riggs Hall and Spence Chapel.

Project Type

  • Design & Architecture


  • Audio
  • Scenic Elements
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Interior Design
  • Acoustics
  • Design


  • Springfield, MO

A Student-First Design

In the fall season of 2022, Evangel University was ready to breathe new life into its student union. The projects involved audio, video, lighting, custom fabrication, acoustics, and theming. They turned to Paragon to design and deliver it all.

Evangel University is a private Christian university and seminary located in Paragon's hometown of Springfield, Missouri. It is affiliated with the Assemblies of God denomination, also headquartered in Springfield. The campus sits on 100 acres, serving over 1500 students.

“The value of what we got through this project and Paragon 360 was tremendous. It’s more than we hoped for.”

Truly Customized, Branded Experience

Evangel desired to revitalize the student union space to make it more inviting, welcoming, and full of energy. They expected a space that students would want to gather, socialize, eat, and do homework. Paragon’s design incorporates the school’s branding and mission statement while creating a whole new experience in the space. The columns are painted and wrapped with vinyl inspiration. The entryway highlights student life and activities with printed and expertly illuminated acoustical work, which helps dampen excessive noises. Display cases are also themed with illuminated graphics. Paragon fabricated a large shield depicting part of the university’s logo to hang as a custom light feature against an existing skylight.

An illuminated “Barracks” sign anchors the coffee shop, and multiple custom aluminum ceiling clouds add to the space’s look and feel. Additionally, new digital signage units are installed on both floors of the building with a giant 98” screen in the sitting area downstairs in the Barracks.

Upstairs is an illuminated mascot etched into acrylic with VALOR graphics on the rail. The digital menus next to the cafeteria are housed in custom branded “shields.” Custom printed and illuminated acoustical work is also used to tame excessive noise. The upstairs lounge area includes a 1.9mm 13’ X 8’ ReveLux StoryGlass LED wall with a small modular stage designed for speakers, performers, karaoke nights, sporting events, and movie nights.

Riggs Hall & Spence Chapel Upgrades

Evangel’s Student Union project is not the only place to see new upgrades. The entry of Riggs Hall now has custom fabricated & illuminated display cabinets featuring history and information about the university. Spence Chapel also has a nice upgrade with new 3.9mm ReveLux StoryGlass LED walls, completely changing the space’s look, feel, and flexibility. The area now includes a 53’ X 13’ center screen and two 18’ X 10’ side screens. Spence chapel also received LED lighting upgrades as part of the renovation.

Experiential Design Made A Big Impact

This project was a big focus on experiential design,” stated Donnie Brawner, Co-Owner and CEO of Paragon.Our design team, led by Ron Robertson, focused on, ‘what do students see, think, and feel’ when they encounter the space? Every touchpoint influences the way they feel about what you’re offering. It helps us shape these moments so that people walk away feeling good about your brand. When you add that to Paragon's ability to then theme it, integrate lighting and media, build it and install it all through one contractor, it becomes very efficient from a time and money standpoint."

The Evangel Student Union/Riggs Hall/Spence Chapel project was completed in July of 2022. Paragon is currently working with the University on other new and upcoming projects.