Paragon Fabrication | Full Circle Studio

Springfield, MO

Full Circle Studio

Stunning studio space designed and built for full circle studios.


  • Scenic Elements
  • Staging
  • Fabrication


  • Springfield, MO

Camera ready set designed for brand flexibility

Full Circle Studio is the home of Full Circle, a production of Paragon 360's. Full Circle brings together industry experts to discuss key topics in space design across multiple industries, review the latest audio, video and lighting technology and get a behind-the-scenes look at industry leading projects. While Paragon 360 designed all of the audio, video and lighting elements, Paragon Fabrication was called on to design and build the camera ready set elements. The studio which was completed in the spring of 2021, is also used by other organizations outside of Paragon.

No detail overlooked

The main set features a news desk style configuration allowing for 3-5 guests. By using client desired imagery on the displays, the set is very brandable featuring color changeable LED lighting. The center-of-desk logo emblem can be changed out to anything. The center 85" display allows for any desired background imagery to be used as part of the background shots. The set is designed so that talent can stand right or left in front of the two vertical monitors for intros and/or product spotlights. The skyline's right and left are printed graphics that can be switched out. The set, built with depth and dimension, is dressed in illuminated faux wood and stacked stone. The desk top is also illuminated with LED lighting helping to control the face lighting of the talent. The entire set sit's on top of a custom computer/studio raised floor allowing for instant relocation of floor pockets and ease of cabling.

A living room designed for TV

The studio also includes a more intimate set that feels more like a living room for casual conversation. The set features chairs, couches and tables that can be re-arranged for various interview setups. The outdoor scene beyond the windows is a printed graphic that can be switched out for any scene. The set also includes several self-illuminating features from stacked stone to the fragmented blue acrylic columns to recessed shelf illumination. All lighting is color changeable LED. Both sets were designed and built by Paragon Fabrication.